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Born ready

Founded in 1996 by Maurizio Gentilini and Federica Guerzoni, Giò Steel immediately distinguished itself as a company destined to expand quickly. The professional experience of the two founders coupled with the knowledge and know-how gained in the sector made Giò Steel, right from the very beginning, a very innovative and cutting-edge company, starting initially by selling special types of cold-worked steel.


Thinking outside of the box: the essence of innovation

Never stopping to look for new solutions and ways of doing things is the key to being able to satisfy the requests of your clients. Giò Steel is a company which is open to collaboration from other leading companies in the field. Its main partner being Flats Service S.r.l., a company working principally in the hydraulic sector. In parallel, Giò Steel entered the market of non-ferrous metals and the world of industrial automation opens, bringing with it the collaboration with GF Automazione, a company specialising in the design and maintenance of industrial machinery and automation.


Made to measure

The philosophy of continually offering additional services to our clients gave birth to a specialist new activity: the production of custom metal parts, showing the desire to adapt, innovate and develop.


Green Economy: out of the crisis comes our strive for excellence

The rapid changes in the market meant that we had to adapt in order to remain effective in the sector, incorporating into our service new ideas and innovations. One of these was Techno GF S.r.l, founded by Giò Steel together with other key businessmen and university professors from the University of Bologna. A company which operates in the Green Economy and Technological Innovation sectors, specialising in:
- industrial automation
- mechanical work done by robots
- the design of hardware
- software and wireless systems
- energy assessments using Solar Ray software
-renewable energy
- home automation
Hard work and commitment which recently have led us to the design and development of software for automatic sunscreens which since May 2013 has allowed Techno GF to become a member of the Club Eccellenza Energetica of CAN Bologna.


Change leads the way

Since 1996 we have been continually looking to meet the demands and requirements of our clients. Being different for us means working hard to understand and overcome this difficult period of radical changes in the business world. Gone are the days of ‘all talk and no action’ and today, more than ever, words must be followed up by facts. Being aware of the necessity of responding, adapting and keeping up-to-date on any changes in the market and in the world in general, only in this way are we able to evolve in this increasingly globalised world.
This is why, as of this year Giò Steel is able to supply our clients with titanium for various uses, in particular for the bio-medical industry where we are able to supply both cold drawn and grinded titanium in a wide range of dimensions, all sourced from certified European suppliers.


Evolution is transformation.

2016/2017 opening of new offices and warehouse in Vignola (Mo)

Ferrous and non-ferrous metal stockholding, processing, cutting, milling and next…?

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