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Flats Service s.r.l. was established in January 2000 with the objective of providing a rapid and precise cutting service of blocks used in the hydraulic sector (in the manufacture of hydraulic valves).
Our strength is being able to provide our customers with the block cut, burred, cleaned and placed on a special board. Flats service Srl is also equipped to supply milled and chamfered products made to measure. To offer this service the company has created a powerful cutting line together with stocks with a wide range of flat and square measurements (drawn and machined) in high speed steel(11SMnPb30 / 11SMnPb37) and aluminium (alloys 2011-7020).

Techno GF S.r.l. is a company formed from the mix of skills, knowledge and experience of people that believe in the development and innovation of industrial products and methods in the ‘Green economy’ and ‘Industrial automation’ fields. The know-how and research and development in collaboration with The University of Bologna allows Techno GF to offer environmental consultation services to urban planners, helping to promote greener and better production practices.

Techno GF

GF Automazioni S.r.l. was founded in 2001 from over 20 years experience in the automation sector acquired by its founders. GF Automazioni has proven over the years, to be a company which is able to supply high quality products and maintenance services at an affordable price maintaining the flexibility of an artisan company but with a modern structure.

Right from the start Giò Steel has worked with CST Consulting Professionisti Associati a company which offers financial and business advisory services. The company works mainly with small and medium sized companies in various sectors in Bologna and the surrounding area. From the start-up phase to the equally as important business management, account management, administration and payroll phases CST Consulting offers a complete and professional service and is an ideal partner to help expand and improve your business.

Cst Consulting copia

Giò Steel since its early years has collaborated with Macro S.r.l., a company which was established in January of 1995 by a group of experienced professionals in the software management field. Arca was chosen as our data management system, created by Artel (a division of the Wolters Kluwer Italia group) of which Macro is one of the main vendors. The demand for a reliable and global service made Macro S.r.l create an internal division specialised in the supply of professional hardware, networks, security systems, ADSL and products for telecommunication VoIP technology.

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