Copper bars – rolled or drawn

barre rame


Copper is a reddish metal known for its use in ancient times before the iron age. Copper is a bacteriostatic metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity, exceeded only by silver. It is also very resistant to corrosion due to the layer of brown-black copper oxide which forms on its surface protecting it from more extensive corrosion and isn’t magnetic. Copper has always been used for its ductility and malleability but isn’t suitable for working with the swarf due to its consistency however it can be easily recycled and has a high scrap value as it can be used to form many different alloys (as many as 400 contain copper). Copper bars are used extensively for plumbing, wiring, heating and cooling systems, wiring, radiators, connectors, brakes and bearings used in cars, trucks and marine parts.

Cu OFCW 006AOF C10200OF-Cu 2.0040Cu c 1Cu OF C103
Cu OFE-OFE C10100--Cu OFE C110
Cu HCP-OFXLR C10300SE-Cu 2.0070--
Cu ETPCW 006AETP C11000E-Cu 58 2.0065Cu a1Cu ETP C101
Cu PHPCW 024ADHP C12200SF-Cu 2.0090Cu b1Cu DHP C106
Cu DLPCW 023ADLP C12000SW-Cu 2.0076Cu b2-
Cu Ag 0,05CW 006AOFS C10500Cu Ag 0.03 2.1200-Cu Ag OF 2 C103
Cu Ag 0,10CW 006AOFS 10700Cu Ag 0.1 2.1203-Cu Ag OF 4 C103
Cu Ag 0,05 (P)CW 006A----
Cu Ag 0,10(P)CW 006A-S Cu Ag 2.1211--
Cu Cd 0,5-C16210Cu Cd 0.5 2.1265--
Cu Cd 1-C16200Cu Cd 1 2.1265-Cu Cd C108
Cu Cd Sn-C16500Cu Cd Sn 2.1270--
Cu Te (P)-DPTE 14500Cu Te P 2.1546Cu Te 1336Cu Te C109
Cu S-C14700Cu Sp 2.1498Cu S 1336Cu S C111
Cu Pb-C18700---
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