Titanium bars, tubes and sheets

Titanio Barre 1

Giò Steel, in partnership with AZ Titanium (certified ISO 9001:2008, 14001 e 18001), is now able to supply:
TITANIUM bars, sheets and tubes of European origin certificate 3.1 according to EN 10204:2005, nationally and internationally. All products are ultrasound and Defectomat checked before being sold.

Titanium is a metal known for its high resistance to corrosion, its lightness, toughness, hardness and low density. Titanium is as tough as steel but is 40% lighter and weighs 60% more than aluminium but is twice as tough. The metal is also able to undergo passivation at room temperature. The high melting point of this metal also makes it very useful as a fire resistant material. Titanium alloys however, are not easily workable and the difficulty involved is comparable to that of stainless steel. The properties of titanium and its alloys make it an ideal material for use in the aviation and aerospace industries and also in high quality consumer products like golf clubs, bicycles, motorcycle parts and laptops.

Titanium Bars
Titanium Tubes
Titanium Sheets
Titanium Bars
Titanium Bars

Titan Grade 1 DIN 3.7025
Titan Grade 2 DIN 3.7035
Titan Grade 3 DIN 3.7055
Titan Grade 4 DIN 3.7065
Titan Grade 5 DIN 3.7165 = 6AL- 4V 6AL-4V ELI
Titan Grade 7
Titan Grade 12
Surgical Stainless Steel W. 1.4472, W. 1.4472, W.1.4543 (MX455), W.1.4123 (X15TN)
Specific alloys on request
Cobalt-Chrome pads, other alloys available on request

Execution: drawn h11-h10-h9, peeled h11-h10, grinded up to tolerance h8 – h7-h6.
Length from 1000 to 3000 mm with tollerance in length of -0/+10 +100 mm or cut to length.
For Medical use: Ø from 1 to 100 mm (normally in stock 2,10 fino a 100 mm).
For Industrial use: Ø from 2,10 to 250 mm.
We are also able to carry out specific client requests.

Grade 1 DIN 3.7025
Grade 2 DIN 3.7035
drawn h11.
Dimensions: from Ø 5 to 63 mm
Titanium Tubes
Titanium tubes with or without welding

Grade 1 DIN 3.7025
Grade 2 DIN 3.7035
Grade 7

Execution: seamless extruded, drawn welded, ground surface. Tolerance h7, h8.
Dimensions:from Ø 1 to 250 mm. (normally in stock from 1,2 to 80 mm).
from 0.5 to 4.5 mm
We are also able to carry out specific client requests.

Titanium Sheets
Titanium Sheets

Grade 1 DIN 3.7025
Grade 2 DIN 3.7035

da 0,5 mm a 5 mm, laminato a freddo
da 5,5 mm a 10 mm laminato a caldo
Gamma dimensionale:
da 1000 x 1200 mm a 2000 x 6000 mm.

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